Wedding planner in Tuscany

If you're planning to get married in Tuscany, before you decide to try to organise your wedding in Tuscany by yourself, consider making use of a wedding planner in Tuscany. Even if you are fluent in Italian, there are so many things to do, and things to do that you might not know about, that a wedding coordinator in Tuscany might save you money and for sure will save you time and stress. Your wedding ceremony, wedding venue, catering, accommodation for guests, outfits, flowers, official registration, etc - let a wedding planner handle it all in close coordination with you.

It's worth it - Tuscany, Italy offers fabulous wedding venue possibilities!

Wedding Coordinator in Tuscany

To ensure that your wedding in Tuscany runs smoothly, it will be important to choose an experienced wedding coordinator with the necessary contacts to fulfil all of your wishes in terms of wedding venue, accommodation, catering, flowers, music, transport and so on. More on your ideal wedding coordinator in Tuscany.

Wedding Venue in Tuscany

Tuscany offers miriad possibilities as wedding venues: castles, ancient abbeys, Renaissance town halls, magnificent Medicean villas, picturesque farm houses. Contact us for your wedding venue in Tuscany.

Special events organizer in Tuscany

In addition to weddings, our organiser coordinates fashion shows and organizes day tours, personal shopper, networking and team-building special events and much more. More on your special events organizer in Tuscany.